Nearing the end of the 9th Month already

I can’t believe it is already the ninth month of my YAV year. It feels like we have only been here for a few months… not nine. We have two months left and are all currently planning out what we will be doing after our year is over. It is crazy hearing all of us discuss plans for the next year and realizing that next year begins in two months. I will be ending my YAV year July 22nd to prepare to go to Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary to get my Master’s of Divinity in the fall!

Since my last update a lot has happened. For Global Interfaith Partnership we had the Kenya Carnival at the end of February. It was a really fun event and I got to help create a fun educational scavenger hunt for the kids. They got to learn about schools, fun, and home life in Kenya as they had fun at the carnival. About a week after the carnival Joseph and Leonard came from Kenya. Joseph is the GIP Coordinator in Kenya and Leonard is a schoolteacher at one of our schools in Kenya. They were here for 10 days and I had a great time getting to know them and spending time with them at the different events and meetings that were scheduled for the week.

Celia, Ellen, Leonard, Joseph, Callie, Megan

Center for Interfaith Cooperation has been busy too. In February we had the Interfaith Banquet which is where we honored the Interfaith Ambassador of the year. This year the award went to KP Singh. He is a really great man that has done a lot of interfaith work in Indianapolis. Currently for CIC, we are preparing for the arrival of the Dalai Lama who will be speaking at the Indianapolis fairgrounds on June 25th! He is coming to speak on compassion and peace and we are very excited to hear his message to Indianapolis!

KP Singh and the IndyYavs!

During our free time, Liz, Madison and I have come up with a list of spring and summer things that we want to do as a community kind of like a Indy Bucket list. I am getting a bus pass so that we can go into the city more without having to worry about parking and we all have or are getting bikes so that we can bike to places nearby instead of drive. We are very excited that it is getting nice out and we can start to explore some of the outdoor activities that Indy has to offer. Yesterday Liz and I got ice cream and went to a park to play on the swings and spend some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

Liz and I explored Carmel last month and stopped to get ice cream!

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