New Year Update

I haven’t updated in a while. Christmas has come and gone. I went home for two weeks and enjoyed time with family and friends. It was a really good time at home.

Ice skating with friends in Valpo

Since being back in Indianapolis I feel like I have hit the ground running. With Center for Interfaith Cooperation I began working with the women’s workout and nutrition program again. Still one of my favorite things to do each week. We are also getting ready for the Interfaith Banquet with will be in February. I have helped out and observed a board meeting.

Interns in the CIC office!

With Global Interfaith Partnership I have been out and about doing presentations for GIP. I have been to an Eman School, a Hindu Temple, and a Methodist youth group. We have had a Kenya Kickoff party which included a movie called A Small Act.

Craft project I do with students after speaking to them.

Other than work, as Yav’s we have been asked to make presentations at different events. I have attended a session meeting and spoke about my year. We also talked to the congregation at Second Presbyterian about our year at a lunch last Sunday. That one was our biggest crowd of about 130 people. In a few weeks we will be speaking to Presbytery. All of these presentations plus the ones for GIP have been great and are helping me work on my public speaking skills. The Yav presentations I do with no or minimal notes to help me improve keeping eye contact with the crowd instead of staring at my notes. It has been really successful and a lot of fun.

Speaking at Second during the lunch

Our house has also started what we call date nights. We go out with one of the other yavs once a week and spend time getting to know each other and spending time together. This week it is Liz’s and I’s turn to go out, so tomorrow we are going to the zoo for the day. It is only 9 dollars during the winter and tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day.


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