Work Placements

I have been in Indy for almost two weeks now. The first week was orientation and was a lot of fun. We met a bunch of people and started to learn the city. We also have started working on our house covenant. We were commissioned on Sunday by Second Presbyterian, our host church. This week was our first week of work. We work Tuesday through Friday with Monday being our community day. We may also work weekends depending on our sites. I will be working a few Saturdays and some Sundays. I will be working with Center for Interfaith Cooperation and Global Interfaith Partnership and my office will be in their office space. CIC works on projects that focus on interfaith and understanding other faiths. One of their big projects each year is the Festival of Faiths which happened the weekend before we came to Indy. My first assignment for this placement will be analyzing the surveys they are sending out about the Festival.

GIP works to help keep children in school in Kenya. It is called the Umoja Project which means Unity. They partner with GIP Kenya to find children who are orphans, partial orphans, or vulnerable and find ways to help keep them in school. They do this by having a teacher at each school they work with that identifies children in those situations called a link teacher who reports it to the GIP Kenya team and they get the kid hooked up into the system. Then they have guardians that make the school uniforms and keep an eye on the kids to make sure they are getting what they need and gong to school. The Indiana side of this is mostly fundraising. GIP pays for school lunches, sanitary napkins for girls, occasionally a house build if it is needed, girl empowerment programs, uniforms, tution, and lamps so kids can study at home. My work with GIP will be primarily overseeing the Youth Leadership Team in their fundraising efforts. This week my work has been to learn as much about the two organizations as possible. I have read a ton of documents and went to a ton of meetings. Sunday will be my first time with the Youth Leadership Team.

Our house has decided not to get internet for at least this month, so updates will happen when I get a chance to go to the library down the street. Everything is going really well so far and we are all very excited for the upcoming year and the adventures it will bring!


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