I moved to Indianapolis yesterday after an intense week of orientation. Orientation week basically unpacked the nuts and bolts of the YAV program. We learned what was expected of us and how to do everything such as how to make a blog. We also worked on understanding culture and how people can see things differently based on where they come from. We had small groups that everyone were assigned to and by the end of the week we were all pretty good friends with our small group. It was so fun being with the group and being able to share our excitement and our fears and discuss the different speakers.

Indy YAV's

The Indy YAV’s first day at orientation together!

I think the part of the week I will remember the most was the commissioning service. Me and two others went to Rye Presbyterian Church. It was a beautiful church with really friendly people that were very interested in finding out about us and the program and were excited they got to commission us. After commissioning the pastor took us out to eat and to see some sights in New York City. Him and I ended up having a really great talk about Prison Ministry which is something I am interested in. He teaches a class in prison and it turned into a really interesting talk about the programs in the New York prisons and the different options at each prison. After we got back to Stony Point, conversations continued about prison ministry with other YAV’s when we talked about what we did that day and what church we went to that morning. It was really fun getting to talk about something I am passionate about and hearing about it from someone who is involved in it.

Indy YAV

Me on the New York City Tour

This week we are in Indy doing orientation. Today was a relaxed day because Elizabeth took the bus and arrived this morning. The first step is to move into the house and make sure we have everything we need. This morning Madison and I realized we didn’t have silverware when it came time to eat breakfast. We had plastic forks, so we made do. We have gone on a tour and they took us out to eat last night to get a chance to talk to us. Tomorrow we spend most of the day touring the different work sites. It is really exciting being here and everyone seems really excited to see us and get to know us.

Living Simply

This is A bag of Elizabeth’s clothes that Madison brought to keep her bags weight down. To welcome her home we pretended to sell it on the yard while we ate breakfast on the porch. We told her we were helping her live simply.

I will update with pictures of the house soon once we get situated!


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