Summer Update!

So far this summer has been crazy busy. I began the summer by taking my senior high youth to camp for a week in June. It was a lot of fun to be at camp with my youth watching them grow in their faith. The next week I was a tribe leader at Vacation Bible School at my church. This was my first year being a tribe leader at my church and I really enjoyed it and was glad I did it. Then to finish off June I went on a mission trip with my church to West Virginia. In West Virginia I got to learn how to put in flooring. We did demolition the first day and then started from scratch in that room to redo the flooring. I learned a lot during the week and it was a great experience. Here is a slideshow of the work we did in West Virginia!

Next Sunday I leave for my next trip. I am going with the other youth leaders to take our youth on a mission trip in Indy. It is called Transformission and it is my third year helping lead this trip. I am really excited to be going this year again.

Now that I have given a life update I have a YAV update too. First, people have asked when I go Indy. I leave La Porte on Aug. 24th to go to New York for a week of orientation. I am officially in Indy on Aug 31st. Many people have been asking about the work I will be doing when I am in Indy. I will not know this answer until I get there. During the first week we will visit all the work placements and through mutual discernment will decide on our sites during the first week there. I like this because we will get to see all the sites and it will give us the opportunity to go where we and the site coordinator feel God wants us during our time in Indy. Finally, during this summer I have been working to raise the required $3,000 for my year. I am happy to announce I am really close to the goal which is very exciting. This Sunday, July 19th, I will be doing a pancake breakfast fundraiser at 10:15 at the The Presbyterian Church of La Porte. Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy some pancakes. If you cannot make the fundraiser but would like to donate to me you can go to this web adress In the comments section put my name. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far and I can’t wait to see everyone at the pancake breakfast this Sunday!


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